CBD Brisbane Rick Simpson Oil 1ml



CBD Brisbane Rick Simpson Oil 1ml

Buy CBD Brisbane Rick Simpson Oil 1ml Online. RSO Buddha Concentrates 817mg CBD and 27.7mg THC in a 1 ml syringe.

This CBD Rick Simpson Oil is a full-plant extract that includes plant oils, fats, and lipids as well as cannabinoids and terpenes that are beneficial in synergy.

This is a high CBD, low THC RSO, with lab test results available through a link below. RSO is most beneficial as an edible product, held under the tongue or rubbed into the gums for sublingual absorption.

CBD RSO from Buddha Concentrates is available at CBD Oil Australia.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is also commonly referred to as:

Phoenix Tears
FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil)
FPE (Full Plant Extract)