Jack Herer ATS Crumble Cobar


Vendor Above Top Shelf
Size 1g


Jack Herer ATS Crumble Cobar

Buy Jack Herer ATS Crumble Cobar Online. Discover ATS out of this world crumble.ATS creates the best marijuana products in the universe.

All of their products are Lab Tested to assure patients feel safe consuming them.

For those who prefer to roll their weed in joints or blunts, crumbles can be sprinkled across the flower prior to twisting them up. This method will jack up the joint’s potency (and harshness on the lungs), so puff with caution.

Crumble wax is an excellent way to accurately dose homemade edibles, too. Packages should list THC content on the labels. After determining how elevated you and your friends want to get, just dissolve the wax in warm cooking oil or butter when making some baked goods.